Suicide Prevention, Marjo’s take.

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Here’s the thing. Today, I’m having a truly crap day.
Oh, I look like I have a charmed life, I’m sure. The ark, the zouzou, the awesome and eccentric friends, being in love with the sound of this music…

Anniversary Dance

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Tomorrow is a big day.  A HUGE day for me.  I’m absolutely excited and, unusually close to getting choked up every so often.  It’s strange, really because it’s about something I’m probably not going to do.

The more important day…

The Henchman

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There’s a scene in Austin Powers III in which Michael Caine – Austin’s Daddy -gets into Dr. Evil’s submarine lair and begins taking care of business.  To the unnamed henchmen he says, “I mean, look at you. You don’t even…


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A few days ago, we missed a fantastic event planned and promised for apparently centuries: The Rapture.

I heard of the Blessed Event through our media, print and virtual, the jaundiced eye of the fourth and fifth estates who couldn’t…

Dominic Zuchowicz, a contented man

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I’ve bought two instruments from Dominic Zuchowicz: a 7 string viola da gamba and a violone after Maggini.  In fact, I bought three instruments, trading an already-made Busch style violone for the one that he finally built for me. Strangely,…

IWD 2011 text by Marjolaine Fournier

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C’est avec une grande anticipation que j’ai vu la date du 8 mars approcher : ceci est ma toute première participation à un évènement soulignant la journée Internationale de la femme.  A 45 ans, je n’ai jamais célébré.

Je suis née…

International Women’s Day 2011 and me

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A long while ago, I was asked by the people at Amethyst, a treatment centre for women with addictions, to represent the board at a discussion on IWD.

Of course, I said yes, but I really wasn’t sure of what…

Practicing tip #1 find the pattern

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When you’re working on something that you’re tripping over, find the pattern within.  For example:

a) are all your shifts in a scale down bows? Up bows?  Funny, but that alone can trip you up or clean up the passage.…

Practice makes better

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One thing I’ve learned in my – holy moly – 30 years of playing the bass is that there are good and bad ways of preparing and practicing.  In the Music column, I will be going over some tricks I’ve…

les mots pour le dire..

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if you are fluently bilingual, you might like to argue these points or try to solve the mysteries:

There is no good French translation for the word “HUG”.  You can’t say ‘hug’, ‘group hug’ or ‘bear hug’ in French.