Eating an Elephant

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Now generally, I won’t be quoting Dr. Phil, the denizen of daytime  tv.  To me, anybody who serves up life changing advice to people who are before him principally because their 15 minutes of fame depend on it is a poseur, a fraud and an incompetent, no matter in what charming southern drawl the advice is meted out in.  The Doctor should also know that bullying people into rehab doesn’t work, that a room with an audience isn’t the place to sort out any sort of abuse and that change takes cozying up to before it can begin.  Don’t shove me into the pool and expect me to swim.

That being said, there is one bit of wisdom I heard him give that has always stuck with me and that sometimes gets me down to work: “How do you eat an elephant?” he asks, “you sit down and grab an ear.”

Which brings me to today’s blog.  In fact, today’s blog is my first real try and if it weren’t for the Dr.’s advice, I’d be working on the Times’ crossword right now.  You see many of us have a problem with wanting to do things perfectly or not at all.  Those who know me will say ‘well you ain’t perfect so don’t worry’ and I agree.  But face it, we stall about doing things often because one small step of the project is impossible or unpredictable or simply unpleasant.

Take the blog for example.  Writing is one thing, but I would like my writing to be smart, deep and captivating, attracting droves of readers who’ll say, “Brilliant! Right on! That’s what I’ve been thinking all along but never put into words.”  In fact, all I can really do is write from the inside out, say what I feel needs to be said and go from there.  Lord knows I tend to state the obvious and lord knows I’ve also said out loud what others had between their ears but were keeping to themselves.  So saying shouldn’t be too hard.  It’s the fear of doing it badly that stops me from sitting down to do something that I actually enjoy doing. Life is short, no time to waste, grab an ear and go.

And so Dr. Phil has come to the rescue and I’ve grabbed an ear, gotten off my duff and, well, onto my duff and begun.  I know a few things worth saying, I know a few people with things you’ll enjoy hearing. Got a few things in the works, a few people who know that they’ll soon be put to contribution in this here blog.

Elephant ears are a little chewy, if you must know.  But not bad, not bad at all. 


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