International Women’s Day 2011 and me

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A long while ago, I was asked by the people at Amethyst, a treatment centre for women with addictions, to represent the board at a discussion on IWD.

Of course, I said yes, but I really wasn’t sure of what to take on as a subject that would be interesting or relevant.  The other panelists were amazingly experienced in dealing with women’s issues directly – whether immigrant women or abused women, they all worked in the field.  Long story short, I laboured and toiled on my text and thought I’d be a fool up there with all these very qualified people.  My experience only comes from dealing with quite a sexist upbringing and with a profession that favors, well, often men with immense yet fragile egos..

Well to make a long story short, I wrote something from my heart about what little I knew.  I spoke about that place, Amethyst, and about how it saved me, I spoke about how we’ve created ideal conditions for our first nations to never come out of chronic addiction, I spoke of girls who even today, as empowered as I thought they were, say, “I’m not a feminist, but…”.

I’m sharing this here only so that my writing is archived somewhere and that you may see what thoughts ran around in my head of late..

More interesting is the report on who I met on the panel: wonderful, beautiful women whom I wouldn’t have met had I not put my head down and gone forward.  I’m putting something together now about what I learned on March 8th 2011..


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