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marjo makes plans, God laughs.

Welcome, and thank you for watching as I dip my toe into the Blog Ocean.. It’s always better to have someone there, just in case. Not that I haven’t had a long monologue going on in my head for as long as I can remember – not a bad thing, really, as long as nobody answers back, I suppose.

And here’s the thing: there should be someone to answer back. I don’t know too much, but I know many people who know lots about many people and about many things. I don’t play the harp, but I know a kick-ass harpist, I play the drums like a monkey after a flu shot, but I know a kick-ass drummer, AND she’s a fantastic person to boot. I can’t run a computer, but I know a guy that can teach you how to take one apart and put it back together just for fun.. Anyways. You get the picture.

I’m not as much quirky as I am curious. But curious about quirky things. Everything is on my radar – and pretty much all of it is of interest to me. Except fake things and fake people. But magic and prestidigitation are in. I’m not any good at that stuff, though I used to take the books out of the library in school every week and try. That’s the thing about me: I’ll try. I’ll get the ____ for dummies book and have a fair crack at it. I’ll even ask questions and direction. This goes for everything, whether fishing, playing early music or trying to make sushi.

A bit scattered, yes, and it’s true: I’ve read tons of books, but in my own eclectic way, I might not be well read at all. I discovered Joni Mitchell on my own, in the record store in Chicoutimi – Clouds was the album, and only because I liked the album cover.. remember it? Same for Camus, Kafka and de Beauvoir. Heard the names, thought I should really see what they were about, got in there. In the same spirit, I discovered Keith Jarrett, Flora Groult, Michael Chabon and Thackeray.

It’s a mess.

So here we are. It will be a delicate balance between wanting to share interesting things and not disclosing so much that it becomes a visit with my bellybutton, to literally translate a common French expression.

I’ll try to include photos to make things more clear and sometimes audio clips when time permits.

I’m hoping to have a menagerie set up very soon so that you can enjoy all of the musical instruments that I’ve collected through the years. This is probably what I’m looking forward to the most: a virtual petting zoo for aspiring musicians. Should keep me out of trouble, that’s all I can say.

I will tell you this much, right off the bat: I’ve reached a point in my life at which it’s time to change direction. Reaching a certain age, a separation after a 15 year relationship and having the oddest feeling in the world, which is that having lined up everything I thought I needed to be “happy”, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily what I needed. After kaplunking along I finally realized that I had been driving on a flat tire for a long while and it needed fixin. Well, I’m fixin it.

There are three or four things that keep me upright on the bumpy road I’m travelling: music, sobriety, a small cottage in the country and knowing that there are still things to be learned. And a good shrink. And excellent coffee. And my small friend mademoiselle zou zou the dog. And my buddy Jones who shouldered me during the heartbreak hotel days by bringing out the 12 year old boy in me. Nowadays, Jones and I are neighbours, literally on the same floor of the same building, and I daresay there will be Jonesie sightings on this blog once in a while too. We are planning to build a catapult that would be aimed from the roof of this building to the Byward Market… doable I think if we get enough elastics and paper clips together.


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