I’m a musician and this is how I make my living.

I play many instruments very badly.  Some pretty well.  I’m always hungry for more, curious about sound and style.  Music is for me more a faith than a profession, a vocation rather than a career choice.

I love my sister.  She’s strong, honest and determined.  Her sense of right and wrong has always decided for her, even if it has cost her much.  She does the right thing knowingly, bracing for the consequences.  She’s beautiful.

I hope to never jump from a plane for fun or ride in a hot air balloon.  I’ve also come near drowning during an unfortunate rafting adventure day – hopefully, that’s also pretty much done.

I hate pretentious people, unless they’re good at what they do.  Then they’re just telling the truth.

What I dislike most though is a fake, a disingenuous person.  And there’s plenty of that going around.

I’ve fallen in love with people just because of how well they play music.

I’m firm in my beliefs and will stand up for them, though I should, most times, keep my head down.  I’m also firm in my belief that I am able to change my mind.  Inner conflict makes my stomach hurt almost instantaneously.

I’ve read many books, but I’m not sure that I’m well read.

I like cooking new things, trying new countries by buying a book, studying a little and getting going.  In the same way, I like learning bits of new languages – I buy a book, study a little and have a crack at it.  I love “passing”.  I’ve done it at varying levels of success in many countries and situations.

I used to drink lots. Tons.  I was a sad drunk, apparently.  When I told my friends that what worried me about quitting was how boring I’d be at parties, they replied, “oh you weren’t much fun to begin with..”

I’ve never actually finished the New York Times Sunday crossword.  Well I have done, but never without either guessing or looking something up.  I still try, which is a character trait.  I regularly start things from the very beginning, hoping that this time I’ll do them perfectly.  The new wrinkle is that this used to slow me down – today I try to get things moving, even if they won’t be perfect.  It’s no surprise that perfectionism and procrastination are close together in the dictionary.

I was mostly educated in English, though I am a French Canadian and I still have quite a noticeable accent.  This makes my vocabulary surprisingly vast if you judge me from how I say things.  My sister, with the same sort of education, has now a bit of a southern drawl which suits her well in Colorado where she now lives.

My Hungarian tour guide imitation is pretty good.  At least I enjoy it.